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For International Fans
Thank you for visiting our page! If you want to know more about use, just read HERE, and if you just want to affiliate, click HERE. Below you can find some more informations, if you're interested in joining our community.

Registration is really easy. If you have an account on our page, you can comment all news, use forum and chat. If you want to register, click HERE.

Now you should see registration form. It's in Polish, so there's translation below. Fields marked * must be completed. Your user name and password is case-sensitive.

If you already have an account, now you're member of our community! Interface is in Polish, so below you can find few tips how to use our page.

At first, look on the right where is you name. As you see, there are few options. You can menage your profile, change your avatar, password, read private massages.

Look at editing form, it's very similar to registration. You can change everything here. Remember that your avatar have to be not bigger than 30kb and 100x100p, and should have easy name because system sometimes has problem with uploading. If you can't upload avatar, try with different browser.

If your profile is ok, you have an avatar, now you could comment news!

When you want to add comment, you could click on READ MORE or COMMENTS. There is also the number of users who already comment this news.

Our page gives more possibilities to interact with other users! There's chat on the right where you can talk with fans. Conversations are basically in Polish but don't be scared to write in English! Someone will answer you for sure and it'll be pleasure for us to talk with international Shawol.

We also have forum. It's in Polish, so if you want to create new thread, use tag [ENG] in the topic. It's really important to introduce yourself, so we'll be really pleased if you'll do this HERE. You should remember not to upload pictures over 800 width (forum can't resize too big pictures), not use vulgar words, not write too short posts (more than 5 words required).

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For International Fans
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